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Electronic Document Form

Dear Valued Customer,

At RIWS, we are proud to be participating in the green initiative.  Taking care of our environment is important to us, and we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce waste and improve our processes at the same time.  Every year we print and mail out hundreds of thousands of invoices, msds sheets, faxes, etc.  As more and more companies switch to a fully electronic accounting and ordering processes, we are attempting to move to a paperless process as well.

We currently have the ability to email and fax invoices direct to all of our customers, without using any paper.  We are happy to provide all your required documents electronically, and not rely on the US Postal Service to delay the process any longer than necessary.

Please fill out the following: I would like to help conserve paper and go paperless. I would like to receive my invoices and documents via:

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I would like to receive
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