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Vendor Managed Inventory Program

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Partnership Program is a customized system tailored to your company's individual needs and requirements for the items you buy week in and week out. This program is designed to save you time and money.

Upon implementing this program at your facility, an Inventory Control Specialist personally monitors your company's inventory of items used on a daily basis such as contact tips, gloves, nozzles, safety apparel, welding wire, abrasives, and janitorial/sanitary products. The program effectively eliminates the time and effort it would take you to do the ordering yourself.

Here's a few reasons why our customers love this program:
  • Customized system tailored to your company's individual needs and requirements.
  • Saves both time and money by personally monitoring your usage of inventory items used on a daily basis such as contact tips, gloves, insulators, safety apparel, janitoral/sanitary items, and anything else you'd like us to handle.
  • Elimates the need for multiple vendors.
  • Reduce duplication of inventory through bar code management.
  • Set minimum and maximum limits on all items. Products can be added or removed at any time. You are in total control.
  • Firm pricing on all items ensures that you receive the best price.
  • Convenient storage cabinet provided at no charge to house and organize your inventory.
  • Program allows you to know where your costs are in every department. Expenditure reports can be generated as often as requested.
  • Currently over 100 customers are taking advantage of our FREE VMI program.

This Program is just plain S.M.A.R.T.


Roll of wire Safety Glasses




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